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How to clean wool rug,
Keeping your rugs in good shape

How to clean wool rugs? Wool rugs are valuable and obviously you want to preserve their quality, appearance and their longevity. Handmade oriental wool rugs are the pride of the owner, they cost a lot of money and if used properly can last for very long time.

Professional cleaning and handling

At our store we will professionally clean any type of rug or carpet – hand made or machine made. We offer both regular wash and a super wash that includes: Scotch Guard, deodorizing, moth proofing and disinfecting.
Please contact us to get a price on cleaning your rug - based on the size.

Our store is located at the beautiful Simi Valley Town Center Mall. 2 doors to the left of the ‘Red Robin’ restaurant – right in front of the parking lot.


1555 Simi Town Center way suite #680
Simi Valley, CA 93065
Tel: (805)577-8809

We serve the communities of both Los Angeles and Ventura counties including the following cities and areas: San Fernando valley, Chatsworth, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Oxnard etc.

Keeping Oriental and Persian Rugs in a good shape

Most important, keep the rug clean and prevent spills, mud and water from getting onto the rug. Do not step on a valuable rug with muddy boots, best practice is to wear soft in-house shoes or stay bare foot.

These are the methods you can apply to see how clean is your wool rug:

  1. Hold the rug at one corner and clap it “violently”. If a cloud of dust is the result, the rug needs cleaning.
  2. Rub the rug for a few seconds with your palm; a dirty hand means cleaning is needed.

Spills and other possible damage sources

The most common bad experience that can occur to wool rugs are liquid spills, mechanical wear and tear to the rug surface (totally due to improper pressure, such as walking with heavy boots on the carpet, putting heavy furniture on it and alike), and the fringes of the rug went loose.

Do not try to clean or repair a Persian (or Oriental) handmade rug. Leave this highly professional job to a professional. The professional cleaner not only has the expertise, he also has the necessary equipment. A good professional cleaner can also make a thorough restoration, a sometimes unavoidable necessity.

First-aid handling

Spills are the enemy of the rug. In case of a spill, there are few golden rules on providing a first aid, but turning the rug to a professional cleaner right after is a must. Unprofessional cleaning attempts will only cause more damage.

  • Act fast, time is critical
  • Use white piece of cloth (not colored) to rub gently the spill area and to absorb excess liquids
  • Do not use hard objects (such as a knife) to rub the rug

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