Hardwood Floor Rugs
Protect your Wood Floors

A wood floor without hardwood floor rugs on top do not look and feel right. Wood floor rugs will also protect the wooden floor from water and scratches. Therefore, decorating with rugs for hardwood floor is the obvious thing to do

What may damage a hardwood floor?

Wood floors are beautiful, a bit expensive to buy and to install. It is natural that you want to keep the floor in a good shape for many years. The two main threats to a wood floor are water piling and scratches.

  • Water is the floor worst adversary. Water piling on the floor will cause the floor to bulge in an unpleasant manner.

  • Scratches are caused by walking on the floor with soiled shoes and boots, by moping the floor with rough mopes or by moving heavy furniture over the floor.

  • Your floor would not like excessive sun light. Use draperies and window shades to reduce the amount of direct sun light, and cover with a decorative area rugs the areas that are exposed to sun radiation.

Using Floor Rugs to protect Wood Floors

Area rug runners on the entrance hallway floor will absorb the soil, fine dust grains and water droplets from the shoes and boots and will provide an added protection. Use kitchen area rugs near the sink and other wet spots, if you have a wood floor in your kitchen. It is recommended to use hardwood floor rugs in living rooms, to prevent excessive sun light and in the high traffic areas. In general, use area rugs to protect your floor from spills in places like around the beds, dining tables, home office desks, etc. It is always important to have area rug pads under area rugs, even more so on wood floors

Masada Rugs Store

Our store in the beautiful Simi Valley, Ventura County in California, the Simi Valley rugs store carry a wide variety of hardwood floor rugs as well as area rugs for ceramic and stone floors and floor rugs that can go over wall-to-wall carpets. As a family owned small business, we provide a friendly service and our rugs are competitive in price. We will ship to the continental US, give us a call.

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