French Country Rugs
The Taste of Provence

Provence landscape

The French country rugs style is inspired by the Provencal countryside. The style of French rugs is embraced as an interior design concept for furniture, walls and d├ęcor elements. The style features bright colors and floral patterns. The colors echo the colors of 19th century French painters van Gough, Monet and Paul Gauguin.

Provence France

Provence is located in the South Eastern part of France, it was the first province outside Italy that was conquered by the Romans. The Roman called the region Provincia Nostra (The new province) or shortly Provincia (Province). Provence is the way Province is pronounced in the French language. The Provencal typical landscape is the Garrigue, soft-leaved plants that grows on the limestone soil where the land approaches the Mediterranean. Juniper, olive and oaks are typical trees in Provence. Lavender, rosemary, sage and sunflowers add to the scene. Rivers, lakes, the Alps Mountains and hills, old chateaus, vineries and vineyards and its rich history make this region extremely popular for tourists.

French Country Style

French Style Floral Rug

Lavender fields, sunflower fields, bright sunshine, the Mediterranean blue water, the Alps in the horizon influence the French country color palette. Sunflower yellow, shiny gold, burgundy red, elegant rusty hues, bright and dark greens, marine blue and white-gray ocean bubbles are the dominating colors. Shiny black spots and matte gray features accent and contrast the bright colors. The overall impression is that of European old-world legacy reflecting rustic atmosphere. French country rug motifs are typically simple and intricate trellises of floral and shrubby patterns.


Authentic French area rugs are made of natural materials such as wool. However, synthetic rugs carrying French style patterns and colors can be found at affordable prices

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