Braided Wool Rugs

The tradition of braided rugs is rooted deep in the US culture. Braided wool rugs use wool, the historical natural yarn.

How to make Wool Braided Rugs?

The first step is to dye the wool yarns in lively colors. Purists require 100% wool; however a rug having more than 80% wool can still be considered a wool area rug. To get durable rugs, two-stages of braiding is used. In the first stage the wool yarn is braided into one-inch wide strips. In the second stage, three of these strips are braided together to get the different desired patterns. In the last stage the rugs are stitched together using short and tight stitches matching the local colors of the braids.


The braided wool rug, like other wool area rugs, used to be extremely expensive in the past, but with the advent of modern manufacturing methods these rugs can be found at affordable prices (still more expensive than cheap braided rugs made with synthetic yarn though).

You can find wool braided rugs in small, medium and large sizes, in a variety of patterns and colors and to fit every room.


Clean the braided rugs periodically using the power spray extraction cleaning method. A portable spray extraction cleaner is used to spray heated detergent solution into the rug at a high pressure to be immediately extracted together with the dust and soil particles. The combination of applied heat, chemical solvents and timing make the job done. You can either buy or rent the equipment along with the detergents.

Make sure you use professional rug cleaner services for stains that have gone deep into the rug material.

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