Benefits of Rugs
placed over
Wall-to-Wall Carpets

The benefits of rugs placed over hardwood and ceramic tiles floors are well known. Less known are the benefits of area rugs that are placed over wall-to-wall carpets. Area rugs placed over the wall-to-wall carpet provide versatility in placement, more protection and create a warm environment.

Area Rugs Versatility

Obviously, it is easier to shift area rugs around than replacing a wall to wall carpet. An area rug can be placed over stained or defected areas of the carpet instead of replacing the carpet. Decorative area rugs can be used skillfully to accent a focal point in the room. As time passes and as needs are changed, area rugs can be easily replaced or moved around

Floor Rugs Added Functionality

Area rugs are very visible and can easily draw the visual sense attention. Floor rugs provide a unique warm and soft feeling to the tactile sense.

  • An area rug can draw the viewer attention into a desired direction.

  • Increased safety for the kids playing or walking on it provided an area rug pad is placed under the area rug.

  • Area rugs provide a good acoustic damping.

Enhanced Protection

The area rug protect accidental fragile dropped valuable objects from breakage. The area rug will protect the carpet itself from spills and stains. Professional cleaning of an area rug is simpler and cheaper than expert cleaning of a wall to wall carpet

Style and Beauty

Area rugs can add beauty to any room. Decorative Area Rugs harmonize any room appearance, accent selected areas with color and interest and add a warmth feeling to otherwise cold looking rooms

Keep in mind the benefits of rugs laid over the wall to wall carpet or over hardwood floors while choosing area rugs

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