5x7 Area Rugs:
A Very Useful Rug Size

5x7 area rugs are widely used due to the versatility that the size offers. The 5x7 rug can be placed in the living room, the bedroom, the entrance or any other space in your house that you would like to highlight with a rug.

As you can see above, Masada Rugs has a huge selection of 5'x7' rugs available. Our 5x7 or 5x8 rugs start at only $89 (sometimes we have closeouts for even less). These area rugs come in different designs, colors and density levels to choose from.

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A 5x7 rug in the living room

This size - sometimes labelled as 5x8 area rugs – is useful in the living room or den in front of the sofa or beside the love seat. The usual length of a 3 cushion sofa is about 7 feet thus fitting perfectly with the length of the 5x7 rug. The love seat is normally 5 feet in length thus fits with the width of the rug.

Other spaces for 5x7 area rugs

Being that 5x7 or 5x8 rugs are medium size rugs they can be used in many other areas of the house.

One option is in front of the bed or to use two identical 5x7 rugs, one on each side of the bed – that is if you have the space. Another area of the house where it can be utilized is the entrance to the house, especially if you have a wide enough door. The 5x7 rug laid horizontally will make the first impression as one enters the house and will serve as the initial focal point.

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